Sunday, December 1, 2019

Quick Tip: RT-AC85U to M1 (Huawei) internet connectivity issue


If you're using an ASUS router and a Huawei ONT (e.g. from M1) and encounter difficulty connecting to the Internet, you may need to select non-automatic DNS settings and set DNS server to:

I had this issue specifically with the ASUS RT-AC85U and found this helpful. However, your ASUS router would probably have the same WAN configuration defaulting to automatic detecting DNS. Manually setting that might help even on a different model.

If you're not with M1 as an ISP, you might want to check out your ISP site to see if they require certain special settings to be done on your router.

Turn it off and turn it on again
Sometimes it might just be unstable behaviors of the router or the ONT and doing a power off-on might help. However, if you're here, it's likely you've already tried this as this advice is usually top on the list for any support.

Other problems
If for whatever reasons your ISP decided to whitelist the MAC address of the device connecting to their ONT, and you're swapping out an old router for a spanking new router, you may need to call up your ISP for support to whitelist it. This is very unlikely, but could potentially be the resolution to your issue.

Hope this helps.


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