Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Virtualbox Guest Additions on Kali 2.0

Yello peeps.

Having problems with your Kali 2.0's screen size and needs a fix from the Virtualbox additions to get it right yet it's not installing properly? Don't fret. Try this:

Kali 2.0 not installing Virtualbox Additions properly >:|
Like many of the folks over teh internet, I had problems installing virtualbox additions in the new Kali 2.0. 
What didn't work: 
- Initially I was using the 32-bit version. Got error messages such as  "Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules...failed". So I re-downloaded the Kali 2.0 but the amd64 version. Still got the same error messages. >:| 

What works for me:
- Initially I was using Virtualbox 4.3.10. Reading the comments, Felix emphasized that he used 4.3.30 which I suspected was the case. This is Felix's guide.

What I did - Uninstall Old VirtualBox and Install VirtualBox 4.3.32:
1) On my host machine (I'm on Ubuntu 14.02 Trusty): 
$ sudo apt-get purge virtualbox
// So that essentially uninstalled my virtualbox 4.3.10 on my ubuntu host machine
// If you're on windows, uninstall your old virtualbox. Your virtual machines should still be intact. I'm not using windows, so careful with the wizard prompts.

2) Downloaded the Virtualbox 4.3.32 from main site. If you are using older linux like mine (14.02 Trusty), you may want to use this link:

3) After installation, your virtual machines WILL crash as you're still on the old extensions. Within the virtualbox  GUI, click HELP -> CHECK FOR UPDATES. Mine returned a "network operation failed..unknown reason", so I closed the update window but got a pop up instead, asking if I would like to install the new extensions to replace the 4.3.10 old ones. So I agreed and re-downloaded and installed the extensions via the GUI.

4) Reboot the machine (may not be necessary but I wasn't able to unload and reload the vboxdrv so what the heck, i restarted my host machine.)

5) Boot back into my Kali 2.0 amd64 and tried the new VBoxLinuxAdditions. VIOLA! =D Happy me.

So what was the problem initially?
Just old version of Virtualbox didn't work. Felix said 4.3.30 works for him. I installed 4.3.32, works for me. :) 

Still having problems?
Try reinstalling your dkms on your linux host machine:
$ sudo apt-get install --reinstall dkms
And reboot your machine.

Hope this helps.

Peace out,

1. Felix's guide on install Virtualbox Guest Additions on the Kali 2.0
2. Virtualbox download links for older machines: