Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello World, and what is this?

This is a online journal to pen down my personal experience gained from performing security testing. What is to be achieved through writing this blog:
1. A Journal - a record of my findings, experience, discovery, etc. So basically a platform for my own recollection needs and at the same time share the information. Information should be free.
2. A Guide - may not be as useful for the veterans but will attempt to provide security 101 to non-security folks
3. A Challenge - for myself to consistently grow in knowledge and skills. I'm thinking of doing 'a hack a week' to bring my lazy ass to learn. Hmm...

Lastly, I'm nowhere near a pro. But I'm working towards in becoming better and attempting to bring value to the community. And in times, I'll may be presenting the work of past giants and today's experts for educational purpose. If I've forgotten to credit you, please know that I have no intention to plagiarize nor claim credit for work I have not done and DO email me and I'll make the wrong right. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Use this site at your own risk. This site is meant for educational purpose only. And if you decide to use it for crimes and you're caught, you can be sure that you and you're ass will be thrown in the federal prison before you can even attempt to utter an excuse. So, be a responsible hacker who contributes to the security space, not a criminal nutcase. When in doubt of a certain tool and its potential impact, don't use it on production systems.

Break To Protect,

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