Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Klutz with Local Group Policy

Part of my work requires me to perform configuration review of my clients' security settings of their hosts. So one of them is a 2003 and I was experimenting with a VM image. It took me quite a while searching on google to find the problem WHY my gpresults keep showing "No local group policy applied (empty)" despite me changing some settings in gpedit.msc.

Long story cut short, you NEED to set something under BOTH 'Computer Configuration' and 'User Configuration'. So if even you've set a trillion settings on 'Computer Configuration' and none on 'User Configuration', you'll get zilch when you do a gpresult/z>gpresults_%computername%.txt. And the same applies vice versa.[1]

After setting ONE item under 'User Configuration', I saw that my Local Group Policy was finally applied when I perform the gpresult. Awesome and phew~ Thank you forum folks from

Break To Protect,
J. S.


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